DOĞU TRAKYA // TURKEY  |  Feb 2024  |  Turkey, Eastern Thrace


During February 2024 we photographed in Eastern Thrace, Turkey, a European edgeland situated between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara and connected by the Bosporus Strait, forming one of the continental boundaries between Europe and Asia.

We worked closely with Ammar Kiliç from the Sociology Department of Namik Kemel University in Tekirdağ. Ammar introduced us to many small communities scattered through the Süleymanpaşa district, an important area of extensive and varied agricultural production and export.

As is the case wherever we have photographed, there is the increasing domination over agricultural production and rural economies by international agribusiness. Even though a site might be relatively small in scale, its agricultural production is fundamentally controlled by what is, in essence, an agropoly.  Nonetheless, we saw examples of more progressive ventures, including a farmer working with specialists to explore new strains of extreme weather-resistant cereal crops in recognition of the effects of climate change. And a woman who has returned to her family’s land and is attempting to develop an organic and regenerative approach to farming.